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Stupa Construction Project.

Following the construction of Ripa Bharma Monastery in 200-, the 8th Bag Yod Rinpoche began the process of constructing nine great stupas for the benefit of all sentient beings. The construction of the first Stupa began in 2003 followed by its consecration. Four more Stupas were completed in the following decade, transforming the landscape with the jewels of Buddha upon its uneven hills.


As the construction of the remaining four Stupas began, The 8th Ripa Bag Yod Rinpoche passed into parinirvana on June 14th 2019. Although much of the work halted in the following year due to Covid-19 Global Pandemic, The 3rd Ripa Togdan Namdag alias Tenpe Nima Rinpoche spearheaded the project completing the vision of Bag Yod Rinpoche in 2023.

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