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History of Ribar Thupten Samdrub Choekhor Ling Monastery.


Ribar Thubten Samdrub Chorkhor Ling Monastery today.

Of the "eight exponent-brothers of the saddhana lineage" in Tibet, the followers of Dagpo Lhaje alias Gampopa Sonam Rinchen, whose sect is known as Dagpo Kagyud, branched off into four major and eight minor sects of Kagyud tradition called bka' brgyud che bzhi chung brgyad. One of the four major sub-sects is the Barom Kagyud, founded by Barom Darma Wangchug. His disciple was Tishri Repa Karpo Sherab Senge. The latter's disciple was Chennga Repa Karpo Sherab Wangchug. His disciples were Sangba Lume Dorje and Tongnag Repa Karpo Lodoe Dorje. During the life times of these last two disciples, eighteen retreat centres called the "Rikhag of the Barom school" came into being at different times in the upper, middle and the lower parts of the Nangchen region in Kham. The monastery of Middle Ripa (also called Dza-ripa) is one of these. 

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