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Ongoing Projects at Ripa Bharma Monastery
Ripa Bharma Stupa Project

Following the construction of Ripa Bharma Monastery in 200-, the 8th Bag Yod Rinpoche began the process of laying down plans to construct eight great stupas for the benefit of all sentient beings. The construction of the first Stupa began in 2003...

Bag Yod Rinpoche Commemoration Stupa

The 8th Bag Yod Rinpoche passed onto _Parinirvana_ on June 14th 2009. A stupa, "Lhabhap Chorten", signifying his ascent to the heavenly realms was commissioned and the construction is expected to begin shortly. 

Restorative Construction of Previous Ripa Bharma Monastery

The restoration of the original Ripa Bharma Monastery began as Covid -19 global pandemic swept across the world. As of 2022, the restoration project is complete.

News & Events

Latest news, events and announcements from Ripa Bharma Monastery


Prayers to Alleviate Suffering

Ceremonial Prayer offering to alleviate suffering during Global Pandemic.


Ripa Bharma Donation Drive 2022

Local Food & Blanket donation drive for pandemic relief during Covid-19. 


Losar 2022 Prayers Ceremony

Losar lamp and prayer ceremony for Year of the Male Water Tiger.


Prayers for Benefit of all Sentient Beings

Annual prayer offerings for the benefit of all sentient beings.


Prayers Flags Ceremony

Prayer flags at Nangchen Lake for the benefit of all sentient beings.


Restorative Construction of Previous Monastery

Restoration of Previous Ripa Bharma Monastery.


Ripa Bag Yod Commemorative Stupa 

Construction of Commemoration stupa for 8th Ripa Bag Yod Rinpoche.

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